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Its Chinese name "Qing Ming" literally means "Clear Brightness," hinting at its importance as a celebration of Spring.Similar to the spring festivals of other cultures,Tomb Sweeping Day celebrates the rebirth of nature,while marking the

mean mean [mi:n]vt.1.表示…的意思;意思是;作…解释:She never meant anything of the sort.她决没有那种意思.What does this word mean?这个词是什么意思?2.意味着;即是:The dark clouds mean rain.乌云意味着要下雨.His promotion


1) mean 有形容词的意思表示一些不是很nice的人,国外很喜欢用这个词来形容一些不喜欢的人比较刻薄的人.Why is she so mean?2) mean 还有动词的意思,表示“意味着,意思是”This means beautiful 还有一些比较实用的句型,what do you mean by……?What I mean is……3) 还有一个非常实用的表达,something means a lot to somebody.某事对某人来说有重大意义 Eg: This watch means a lot to my mother.

这句话的意思是,他说的对我来说很重要.what he said作主语,means作谓语,a lot为副词,很多,me为宾语.不懂可追问,望采纳.新年快乐!

病句? you 后面跟的是第三人称单数?大体意思同上! 你对我来说挺重要.

it means a lot to us这对我们意义重大这对我们来说很重要


歌曲名:That Means A Lot歌手:The Beatles专辑:Another Sessions PlusA friend says that your lovewon't mean a lot.And you know that your loveis all you've got.At times things are so fineand at times they're not.But when she says she loves you


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