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impractical [英][mprktkl][美][mprktkl] adj.不切实际的; 无用的; 不现实的; 不善做实际工作的;

impractical[英][mprktkl][美][mprktkl]adj.不切实际的; 无用的; 不现实的; 不善做实际工作的; 例句:1.This is an impractical and unnecessary idea. 这是一种不切实际且不必要的想法.2.Older miners tell him he's being impractical, but his family supports him. 那些老矿工说他不切实际,但他的家人却很支持他.

unpractical [n'prktk()l] adj. 不切实际的;不实用的impractical [m'prktk()l] adj. 不切实际的,不现实的;不能实行的没有区别

Mustapa慕斯达法双语对照例句:1.Initially, they opposed the convention, arguing that it was not only impractical, but unnecessary:workers, they said, were treated like members of the families who employed them-though ask sumiatibinti salan

impractical和impracticable (not sensible or efficient or not actually possible)"不切实际的,不现实的".impracticable (not able to be done or used)"不能实行的,行不通的";With a river on one side and a steep drop on the other, it is impracticable to widen the road.


二楼很给力啊 有问题还是韦氏大辞典比较实在


turn down 1.关小,调低;拒绝 turn down / / 关小,调低;拒绝 2.拒绝采纳;拒绝考虑 turn down 拒绝采纳;拒绝考虑 3.(把音量)调低 turn down

英音 [ 'windi ] ; 美音 [ 'windi ] 副词 1.多风的,风强的,坏天气的2.夸夸其谈的 词形变化:形容词比较级:windier,windiest;副词:windily;名词:windiness.同义词:long-winded,tedious,verbose,wordy;impractical,laputan,airy,visionary;blowy,breezy.

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