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名词 n. 1. 欣喜,愉快[U] To our delight, our football team won. 令我们高兴的是,我们的足球队赢了. She ran back home with delight. 她兴高采烈地跑回家. 2. 乐事,乐趣[C] He enjoyed the delights of New York's night life. 他喜欢纽约夜生活的乐趣. 及物动词 vt. 1. 使高兴 I'm delighted that you are back. 不及物动词 vi. 1. 高兴;喜爱;取乐[(+in)]

delight [d'lat] n. 高兴 vt. 使高兴 vi. 高兴 可以做名词,可以做动词 做动词,delight+sb They delight themselves at swimming. 他们喜爱游泳.做名词,直接当名词用 She gurgled her delight. 她用咯咯声表示她的高兴

delight [dlat] vt., vi.1.给予乐趣;使人高兴 I was delighted to be invited to her party.我很高兴被邀请参加她的晚会.2.(常与in连用)热衷于;引以为乐 She delights in cooking lovely meals.她以烹饪美食为乐.n.1.高兴; 快乐; 愉快:To our great delight, the day turned out fine. 我们感到高兴的是天气转晴了.

To my great delight,he agreed to take me to the park

Here is my servant whom I have chosen, the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will proclaim justice to the nations.

adj渐渐的;逐渐的;不陡峭的 The result is a gradual improvement in his patient.结果是他的病人在逐渐恢复.

delight的常用短语:用作动词 (v.) delight in (v.+prep.) delight with (v.+prep.) 用作名词 (n.) take (a) delight in delight in[di?lait in],喜欢…,以…为乐; 深嗜笃好; 赏玩; [例句]I enjoy seeing your parents take such adelight in the boys. 看到你

I'm very delighted to come.delighted做形容词相当于glad,happy be delighted to do 请采纳~

1. To my surprise, he was dead last night.让我惊讶的是,他昨晚死了.2. To our shock, he passed the exam.让我们震惊的是,他考试及格了.3. To his delight, he got the ticket for free.令他高兴的是,他免费得到了这张票.4. To her disappointment, she didn't have any friends at school.让她失望的是,她在学校里面一个朋友也没有.

To one's surprise,令人惊讶To one's shock,令人震惊To one's delight,令人快乐/兴奋To one's dismay, 令人沮丧---------------希望对你有帮助~天上

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