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Pressures in College Life 大学生压力 双语例句 权威例句 1. Today's college students face many pressures, mainly from parents' expectation,study, economy, employment and all kinds of competition. 跟读 今天的大学生面临许 多压力,主.

College Pressure I see two kinds of pressure working on college students today: economic pressure, parental pressure. It is easy to look around for rebels-- to blame the colleges for charging too much money, the parents for pushing their children too


I am a student in a college, and I'm very happy becouse of my good life in my college.In the morning, I always go to my college by bike and watch the sights on my way to there. Then, I'll have lessons, this isn't a boring thing, becouse the teachers in

Why College

My College DaysBy Yung WingBefore entering Yale, I had not solved the problem of how I was to be carried through the collegiate course without financial backing of a definite and wellassured character. It was an easy matter to talk about getting

Campus Pressure 【By Kaiser3344】 The first pressure comes from the students themselves. In order to become top students and to win a scholarship, many students spend more time on studying but less time on recreation or rest. The second

想上大学的美国高中生 college-bound 直译:和大学联系在一起的 这里意译为:想去上大学的

Going to college?Lucky you!You'll have a great time and a lot of fun on the way.Yet your education is also very serious business.To a large extent,you will be on your own.True,

The First Creative Life Festival of College Students in China,2011

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