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BE FounD后面接什么

名词,动名词be found anywherebe found hiding behind the door再看看别人怎么说的.

be found doing被发现正在干某事eg:She was found playing computer games when her father entered the room

如果是主动的:find sb. doing/do sth.被动的:be found doing/to do sth.

to be 或者动名词being形式 望采纳

be found网络被找到;被发现,

你好~ 很高兴能为你解答疑问. 首先要明确一点:没有be found of 这种用法.我估计你想问的是be fond of .be fond of 解释为喜欢. be found有被建立的意思,后面不能接of. be fond of中的of不能省略. 希望我的回答能够帮助到你~有不懂的请继续追问.

1.find + 名词 (sb /sth) 发现 【例】find a can;2. find + sb + sth 为某人找到某物;3. find + sb + doing sth /find + sth + Ved 发现…处于某种状态;遇见;碰见 .find:英 [fnd];美 [fand]释义:v.(偶然)发现;(无意中)察觉;确认(某物


原句:So people thought he would never be ___B___ in life. A.success B.succeed C.successful D.successfully

be动词后面的动词形式有三种可能:-ing:现在进行时,I'm trying to give you the right answer.-ed:被动语态,I'm told that you don't know her.to do:1.表示按计划或安排要做

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