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We can't climb the moutain because of the snow storm He can't speak French, neither can I

原发布者:韩希 中英文翻译器在线翻译 人群的英文: crowd throng multitude (ofpeople)confluence herd 参考例句: Profitabletothemasses 便利人群 Thehorsycrowd 爱马的人群 Thecrowdroareditselfhoarse. 人群喊哑了嗓子


if i lose my love to someone better 如果我失去我的爱给她会更好

pays attention to 注重 希望能对你有所帮助望采纳


invent英音:[in'vent]美音:n'v?nt]及物动词 vt.1.发明,创造He invented a new type of stethoscope.他发明了一种新型听诊器.2.捏造,虚构We must invent an excuse for being late.我们必须编一个迟到的借口.

她的父母负担不起她的学费 Her parents can't afford her tuition fees

you put your right hand in,你放入bai右手duyou take your right hand out,你拿出右手you put your right hand in,你放入右手and you shake it all about.你晃晃右zhi手you do the Hokey Pokey,够蠢的勉dao强着凑合and you turn yourself around.你转迷糊版that is what it is all about.就这麽儿个你()权

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