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Becanse of youI am afraid,I heard you dry night in your sleepBecause of you,I love my way,Imfonrced tofakeBecauseI cannot cey,Because you know that s weakaness in your eyesBecauseIam learming to go wish happiness to love

词典解释名词 n. [C] 1.(可用作称呼)朋友,友人 He is a close friend of mine. 他是我的挚友. 2.赞助者;支持者[(+of/to)] That rich lady is a friend of the arts. 那位富婆是艺术的赞助者. 3.同胞;同伴 4.(经常遇见的)陌生人及物动词 vt. 1.与…为友;帮助

We can't climb the moutain because of the snow storm He can't speak French, neither can I

I am sorry, Li Fang. This evening I can't go to the cinema with you, because my mother is ill today. My father has gone to Beijing on businesss. I have to stay at home to take

汉语的谐音是爱你一生 我爱你


sorry,please tell me when we will hold our shcool 's sports meeting ? we all proud of china's rapid development. i think it's not necessary to waste so much money to hold the party. today shanghai is much different from past. students should develop the habit of handing homework on time. 自己翻译的,希望能采纳

invent英音:[in'vent]美音:n'v?nt]及物动词 vt.1.发明,创造He invented a new type of stethoscope.他发明了一种新型听诊器.2.捏造,虚构We must invent an excuse for being late.我们必须编一个迟到的借口.


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