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1.who指人在从句中做主语 (1)TheboyswhoareplayingfootballarefromClassOne.在踢足球的男孩们是一班的. (2)YesterdayIhelpedanoldmanwholosthisway.昨天,我帮助了一个迷路的老人. 2.whom指人,在定语从句中充当宾语,常可省略.(

第一种:关系代词引导的定语从句 关系代词所代替的先行词是人或物的名词或代词,并在句中充当主语、宾语、表语等成分.关系代词在定语 从句中作主语时,从句谓语动词的人称和数要和先行词保持一致.1)who, whom, that 这些词代替的先

定语从句(Attributive Clauses)在句中做定语,修饰一个名词或代词,有时也可以修饰部分或整个句子. 被修饰的名词,词组或代词即先行词.定语从句通常出现在先行词之

Is he the man who/that wants to see you?他就是想见你的人吗He is the man whom/ that I saw yesterday 他就是我昨天见的那个人They rushed over to help the man whose car had broken down.那人车坏了,大家都跑过去帮忙Please pass me the book whose (of which) color is green.请递给我那本绿皮的书.prosperity which / that had never been seen before appears in the countryside.

1. Nearly all the streets are in straight lines, ________ from east to west. Those ________ run from north to south are called avenues.A. running; that B. run; who C. running; who D. run; that2. This is the case ________ he's had all his money stolen

1.who指人在从句中做主语 (1) The boys who are playing football are from Class One. 在踢足球的男孩们是一班的. (2) Yesterday I helped an old man who lost his way. 昨天,我帮助了一个迷路的老人. 2. whom指人,在定语从句中充当宾语,

There is somebody here who wants to speak to you.这里有人要和你说话.Charles Smith,who was my former teacher,retired last year.查理史密斯去年退休了,他曾经是我的老师.My house,which I bought last year,

宾语从句*/1 I know what she wants to do.2 I don't think he is a clever boy.3 Larry doesn't know where to go.4 He told me (that he would) go to the college the next year 5Nobody knew whether he could pass the exam.6 I have found out that all the


1.定语从句:修饰一个名词或代词的从句称为定语从句,一般紧跟在它所修饰的先行词后面.2.关系词:引导定语从句的关联词称为关系词,关系词有关系代词和关系副词.关系代词有that, which, who, whom, whose, as等;关系副词有where,

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