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低 英语: low 形容词,解释: not high or tall 例; a low wall.希望帮到你.

你好, 矮:short

高: 人的个子高:tall;距离的高:high 低:low 顺便说一下,矮:short

矮的英文就是 short呀望采纳.

short 英[:t] 美[:rt] adj. 短期的; 短的,短暂的; 矮的; 短缺的; adv. 突然; 唐突地; 简短地; 横贯地; n. 短路; 缺乏; 短裤; [例句]The announcement was made a short time ago通告是不久前才宣布的.[其他] 比较级:shorter 最高级:shortest 第三人称单数:short 复数:shorts现在分词:shorting 过去式:shorted 过去分词:shorted 请采纳谢谢O(∩_∩)O~

small little 如不明白请追问,要是满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步


英语高 high低 low

1、can you guess2、you guess 释义:1、can you guess 英文发音:[kn ju es] 中文释义:你猜 例句:How many books can you guess he bought the other day?你猜他那天买了几本书?2、you guess 英文发音:[ju es] 中文释义:你猜 例句:

” I want to rip the books to pieces along with the homework paper. Without doing so, neither can I eat nor sleep. I feel all alone for no reason at all. I do not even want to touch my smart phone or play Dota any more. Now I am sitting in front of my

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